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March 14, 2008



Very cute! I saw Gavin in concert a couple of weeks ago. AMAZING!! and cute ;)

Rhonda Maynard

Hey Jennie! Fun challenge and so thoughtful of you to burn cool CD's for your family and friends!! The new version of Mix tapes!! :D

Pamela Fredrickson

This is very cool!

Dee and Hannah

Hi Jenn! I got your Dad's email so of course I had to check this out!! Very very cool! I also burn CD's all the time and use a program I have on the computer to decorate the labels, but yor stuff here requires a lot more creativity. I used to scrapbook all the time, but since I started school again, my time is so limited. It's such a great outlet for stress. Also, I had never heard of Gavin, but I did visit the website and the song that was playing on it sounded pretty cool, and he is really cute! I am a huge country music fan, so unfortunately, if they don't play it on the country music station, I have probablynever heard of it! I miss out on a lot of cool music, so thanks for sharing that!


my daughter rocks!!!!


You are always so inventive and creative, Jennie! Love how the CD turned out! TFS: Tinla


This is such a great idea!!! I have to get some CD labels now. :) I love how this one turned out!

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