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December 12, 2008


Lyndsay Breid


Did you know I can make my *very own* little bows now, thanks to Julie? :) :) :)

Lyndsay Breid

HAHAHA ... so, your comment feature wasn't working for me. And now you have 3 of the same comment. Stupid Typepad! Oh well, it just looks like I'm *super* excited about the little bows. ;)


I just love those little bows!


Apparently, Lyndsay is *REALLY* excited about this! Bwah ha hahaaaaaaa!!! OK, I gotta tell ya', Missuzzzz--every stamper I know would jump for joy to receive pre-tied bows!!! DA' BOMB!!!


Lots of double love for a double nice idea! I'd love to get a box full of bows!


Taking a chance here that this won't be repeated, but I LOVE the little bows. Everyone has been so creative with their tucked away treats!


Hee hee ... that Lyndsay!

Such a cute idea, Jennie!


Oh, that is just too clever!!! LOVE IT!!! :)

Geeta / CraftyEngineer

There's my idea girl again... having great ideas! A box full of bows...what a great gift!

sherry czarnecki

just perfect bows, so thoughtful and creative

jenn shurkus

OOH OOH OOOHH i would love bows... since i "dont do bows" it would be a treat!!


How perfect ~ tiny bows!!!

Rhonda Maynard

This is so sweet Jennie! I love little bows! What a perfect touch to this cute little box!

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