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September 29, 2009



Super cute, Jennie! Love it!

Colleen Wold

Oh my vampires! This is flippin' awesome! What a super fun idea! I love everything you put into it! GOOD LUCK on Nov. 20th....I am also eagerly awaiting New Moon, but I just can't take the screaming girls. So I intend to wait a week and maybe see it in the afternoon when the screaming girls should be in school. LOL!


Wow this is super cool! What a great idea!


Such a cool gift, Jennie! You are so thoughtful.


How Cute Jennie! I especially like the advil for all the screaming teens! Great use of the wood grain paper! Your friend is very lucky to have such a thoughtful and creative friend!


This is awesome Jennie!!! What a fun idea and such a sweet friend you are!


HA! This is the coolest thing ever Jennie!! Such a neat idea. Love what's inside! I, myself, is also anticipating the release of this NEW MOON. Told my hubby, I'm going to see this movie WITH or WITHOUT him! :o)

Have you seen the preview on the MTV MUSIC AWARDS? Oh goodness, I was screaming left & right watching it..it was a LONG PREVIEW and, my oh my, Edward and Bella..& Jacob..*sigh...* :o)

Lori Barnett

This is GREAT!!

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